500Level – Automation

500Level’s has an extensive catalog with over 300 athletes and 120 players’ storefronts, in addition to the main sales channels (500level.com and Amazon). With a portfolio that large, automation is not a luxury; it is a necessity. It is important to save time on repetitive tasks, standardize processes, and have a quick turnaround.

Ad Maker

Photoshop scripting

// When designing for sports fans, it’s important to stay on top of micro-moments.They are opportunities to promote products, which require a fast turnaround. As it is hard to have a designer available 24/7 to manually create ads, I developed the AdMaker droplet to allow the marketing team to rapidly generate ads and posts for social media. 

The AdMaker was developed using a combination of recorded actions and a JavaScript-based photoshop scripting capable of performing manual tasks through a simplified and user-friendly interface.
(Video demonstration below.)

Automated Designs

Photoshop scripting

// Automated designs make use of the data driven graphics functionality on Photoshop to modify text layers, allowing the automatic generation of variations based on that data. The workflow consists of getting a list of players and their jersey numbers from reliable sources and inputting it into a PS Droplet. The droplet triggers a combination of actions and scripts to replace the data in the template, makes necessary adjustments to the layout, and exports a final design. This allowed 500Level to create designs for every single player within a record timeframe.